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Back To Health Chiropractic offers affordable chiropractic care in a state of the art office.  You will be taken care of with the same level of care and concern that we give to our own family.  Although all new patients are required to watch a Manditory Orientation Class prior to being seen, there are no long patient intake forms to fill out, only two sheets of paper front and back and you are ready for your spinal exam...that's it.  Call us at 789-2000.


How To Become A New Patient In Our Office:

1. Watch the Orientation Class Online (<== Click Here)

2.  Download and answer the  Orientation Quiz  (you must score 100% to be adjusted on your first visit.)

3.  Download and fill out the  new patient paperwork

4. Call (401) 789-2000 to schedule your first vist for an Exam, Consult, and infra-red thermal scan.  

5. Your first visit fee will be $40, after that, you choose the fee system that works best for you from among the options below.


How much does an adjustment cost?

  • Each chiropractic adjustment is only $40. College student (with ID) and Seniors (65 and over) $25
  • If you prefer, you can buy a  STAY-WELL CARD  for $140 and get 4 visits to use anytime you want (that's only $35 per visit.)
  • You also have the option of having a  GET-WELL CARD  for $270 and get 9 visits to use anytime you want (that's only $30 per visit.)
  • Join our  WELLNESS CLUB  for $87 a month and come in for  as low as $21.75 a visit  when we automatically bill your credit card each month. (As low as $19.25 a visit for active or past duty military and their family.)
  • Use our Box On The Wall system to choose your own fee.*

*  Watch the Chiropractic  Orientation class online  and you will be eligible to use our Box On The Wall (Honor Box).  This allows you to pay one flat fee each week, that is within your means, so that you and your family can be seen weekly and enjoy the benefits of living a life subluxation free.   

(The rules for using the honor box are outlined in the orientation video)

How do we make it so affordable?

We do not bill any insurance companies.  Our insurance department used to cost thousands of dollars a month to run; now we simply pass the savings along to you.


What about KIDS??

When we see a child in our office, we are adjusting the spine and preventing a problem. When we adjust an adult, we are correcting a problem and trying to maintain it. There is a big difference. We'd rather adjust and prevent in our office rather than waiting untill we have to correct and maintain.

This is why in our office kids under 18 are FREE when seen on the same visit as a parent or if the parent is a member of the Wellnes Club.  -It is a labor of love!

For more information about the reasearch on how chiropractic helps keep chilldren healthy, visit

this web page  




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Resolution of Frozen Shoulder Following Chiropractic Care
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Hooked on Pharmaceuticals: Prescription Drug Abuse in America
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Disc Height Improved with Chiropractic - Case Study
Spinal disc degeneration is medically thought to be non-reversible and permanent. However, a documented case study published on April 13, 2015, in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research showed increased disc spaces on a patient due to chiropractic care. Intervetebral discs are important pads between . . .
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Abdominal Migraines and Concentration Resolved by Chiropractic Care
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