June 2017 Newsletter

Posted: May 29, 2017
By: Jay Korsen, DC

June 2017 Newsletter
Hard to believe that June is upon us already.  I want to prepare you that this is going to be a VERY busy summer and fall.  I have several commitments including speaking engagements along the east coast, seminars I will be attending throughout the country, Spiritual retreats and concerts, not to mention that I will be officiating my first wedding for my brother.  Please be sure to mark down the dates I will be out of town with each of the next 5 newsletters.  

Important dates:
-We will be Closed Saturday June 10th- Thursday June 15th to speak at a conference in Philadelphia.
-Just a heads up about July- I will be closed the Saturday before July 4th and closed on July 4th for my brother’s wedding.

This will be the first year I will not be able to attend the 17th Annual Katie DeCubellis Memorial 5K race on Sunday, June 11th.  Dr. Shane Zimmer has agreed to fill in for me there and have information about Chiropractic and possibly check a spine or two as well.  I encourage everyone to participate in this important fundraiser for an important cause.  John and Meg DeCubellis travel extensively and work tirelessly to speak to schools and impress upon teens and adults alike about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol.  Even if you don’t run or walk in this race, sign up for it or donate to the foundation anyway because the money goes to a great cause.  Check it out at:

OK, now we’re done with the formalities…

I’m struck with how often I’m asked the question, “What health issues do you treat with Chiropractic?”    My answer, “None!”

You see, in my practice the intention is simply to help unleash the full healing potential of your body by detecting and correcting any and all subluxations in your spine.

“What exactly does that mean?”, you may ask.  (And that would be a great question.)

What that means is that there is no pill, potion, lotion, cream, injection, magnet, oil, herb, ultrasound, needle, food, elixir, massage, exercise, “special machine”, incantation, etc. or even a Chiropractic adjustment that can cure even a single disease or condition.  I’m sure you know someone that tried one or more of the above to treat a condition or disease and it “didn’t work”.  That’s because healing comes from within when there is no interference between the brain and the tissue cells.  

In other words, the body is designed to heal itself when there is a clear, uninterrupted message along the nerves to and from the tissue cells and the brain.  In Chiropractic, we call this the safety pin cycle.  You can watch a 1 minute video I made to simplify this very complicated neurological process by following this link →

Let’s explore that a little further.  What if the brain couldn’t get a clear, uninterrupted message to your thyroid to produce a chemical called thyroxin?  The result would be symptoms like Fatigue, Increased sensitivity to cold, Constipation, Dry skin, Weight gain, Puffy face, Hoarseness, Muscle weakness, etc.  Any pharmacist will tell you that medications for that won’t make the thyroid work, it will just “treat the symptoms”.  Chiropractors don’t “treat” thyroid problems but when we detect and correct subluxations, the brain is once again able to communicate with the thyroid.  If the thyroid is still healthy enough, the signals from the brain will cause it to once again produce thyroxin and the symptoms may go away.  Did we “treat” the thyroid?  No!  We detected and corrected the subluxations- that’s it!  Does this apply to any tissue, gland and organ in the body?  You bet it does!

Let’s try that from the other end.  Let’s try that from the tissue cell to the brain.  What if the subluxation is causing severe numbness to the hands or feet and you can’t feel them any more?  You accidentally put your hand on a hot stove but the hand can’t get the message to the brain that the surface is hot.  What can a pill or potion or lotion or any treatment from outside the body do to fix that?  Only one thing can correct this problem.  Removing the interference between the hand and the brain and restoring the connection can solve the problem.  Unless the nerve is severed by trauma, a principled, specific, scientific, Chiropractic adjustment can restore the connection between the brain and the body.  We don’t “treat” the numbness, the pain, or any symptom, we detect and correct subluxation to restore the connection, to ‘close the safety pin’ so to speak.

Here’s a fun video from ancient history that will be fun for the over 40 crowd that explains how the nervous system works.  It’s from Schoolhouse Rock!  For those under 40, a telegraph was like a text that was sent along telephone wires using a special code called Morse Code.  Once the telegraph (text) arrived a man from Western Union would bring it to your house by bicycle or car to deliver it.  OK, enough of that!  Just watch it and enjoy!  →

Still confused?  Maybe Homer Simpson can explain it better for you.  Click here for his take on Chiropractic (no pun intended) →

Thank you for trusting us to detect and correct subluxations in your family’s spine.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay

May 2017 Newsletter

Posted: May 9, 2017
By: Jay Korsen

May 2017 Newsletter

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I waited until now to send out this month’s newsletter.  Well, I wanted to send it as close to the Saturday we would be off as possible as a reminder.  So…

Important dates:

-We will be Closed on Saturday, May 13th to attend the Rainbow Race.  Registration begins at 8 AM at John and Cindy’s Harvest Acres Farm in Richmond.  The race benefits those with mental disabilities.  The Rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise and provides hope to those who may feel hopeless.  Get out and support this worthy cause.


Well, the office is officially without our Dr. Steve this month.  I have spoken to him and he is in good spirits, working for another chiropractor near New Orleans and is finally re-united with his girlfriend there.  I think I speak on behalf of everyone in saying that he will be sorely missed but we all wish him the best of luck and continued success in his new home.

We have already had an exciting beginning of the month...

-Our very own Jess Swisher set an all new power-lifting record for the state of RI last weekend!  We want to congratulate her and remind you that if you’re considering a tattoo, she and Aaron are great tattoo artists and are located in Wakefield at Marcos Tattoo.  

-We had the privilege of checking 8 newborn babies in the last month for subluxation!  5 of them needed to be adjusted and the other 3 were unsubluxated.  All of them are now healthy, happy and are free from nerve interference with completely aligned spines.  Keep popping out those babies and bringing them in to get checked!  

- FYI, I am a member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) founded by my old friend Larry Webster.  Before he passed, I learned the Webster Technique from him.  It has been shown to be effective at providing more space for the baby in the pelvic basin and many breech babies have turned after the technique.  It is an easy, gentle technique to remove subluxations of the pelvis of a the pregnant mom.  Spread the word!

-We have a new whiteboard in the Living Room (reception room). We invite you to grab the dry erase pens and write a short note about how your life has improved while under chiropractic care to encourage others.  While you’re at it, if you would take a moment to do a Google review of our office, that would be really appreciated.  You have no idea how many people use those reviews to choose a chiropractor to visit.  I thank you in advance for taking time out of your day to do that for us.


-Research, Research and More Research!!  You know I subscribe to several journals to keep up to date on current research in chiropractic and I attend several seminars each year to both speak about chiropractic and learn from leaders in our profession.  Here are a few cool new findings:

          -Resolution of Symptoms from Arnold-Chiari Malformation in a 6-Year-Old Male Following Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation with Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Care: Case Report & Selective Review of the Literature   Ray Drury D.C. & Chase O’Keefe D.C.

          -Resolution of Seizures & Improvement in Quality of Life in a 22-Year-Old Female with Epilepsy Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care   Matthew Hartenburg, D.C. & Anna Denton, D.C.

          -Resolution of Symptoms in a Patient Suffering from Meniere’s Disease Following Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Study & Review of Literature

Jonathan Chung D.C. & Cory O’Connell B.S., D.C.

          -Resolution of Breech Presentation Confirmed by Ultrasound Following Webster Technique: A Case Study & Review of Literature  Jason Cherry DC & Natalie Wilson, DC

          -Resolution of Fever in an 11-year old Male Following Chiropractic Adjustments to Reduce Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Report & Review of Literature  Danielle M Gergen, DC, Nicholas C Okins, DC

          -Improvement in Speech & Coordination Following Chiropractic Care in a Child with Developmental Delays and Vertebral Subluxation: Case Report & Review of Literature  Melissa Ferranti DC & Joel Alcantara DC


Oh man, I could go on and on about all the new research that’s coming out proving what we have always hypothesised about chiropractic…

Subluxations interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses (LIFE) from the brain to the body and when we apply a specific, scientific Chiropractic adjustment to remove that subluxation, the brain can once again communicate with the tissue cells and the body begins to immediately HEAL BETTER.

It is for this reason that we accept all cases, regardless of condition and make our fees so reasonable that EVERYONE in our community can afford our care.  While it is true that there are some people we need to refer out to also be seen by our medical counterparts in town, it is our intention to provide chiropractic care to anyone and everyone that desires to be subluxation free.

I do not practice medicine in any way shape or form.  We do not diagnose or treat any condition or symptom here.  We detect and remove subluxations with a chiropractic adjustment only.  “Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die.  Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes a man to live.”- BJ Palmer.

Thank you for trusting us to detect and correct subluxations in your family’s spine.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay

April 2017 Newsletter- Good Bye Dr. Steve

Posted: March 28, 2017
By: Dr. Steve and Dr. Jay

April 2017 Newsletter

This is an important one!  Read at least the bullets below…

  • We regret to report that Dr. Steve is leaving the office as of April 21st.

  • Dr. Jay will be out of the office April 1st and 3rd

  • The office will be closed for Good Friday April 14th

  • The office will be closed April 27th-30th to attend the annual meeting of the International Chiropractic Association in California.

  • We will switch to our Spring/Summer hours on May 1st. (see below)

First, I will say on behalf of all of us that we will miss Dr. Steve dearly.  He is a great, skilled, compassionate, good humored Chiropractor and a true healer.  I have seen him go from being a new graduate to being a confident, principled, proficient adjuster over the last 9 months.  I am sure that he will change the shape of the health of any town that is lucky enough to have him open in their community.  Everyone has to follow their dreams and I completely understand.  Make no mistake, he is leaving on very good terms and will always have my support.  I have told him this in person several times but I would like to publicly thank him for taking care of the people in our office like family.

Dr. Steve will be covering the office for me on Saturday April 1st and Monday April 3rd so you can be sure that if you want to see him, those would be good days to do so.  He will also continue to be the only one in the office on Thursdays through April 20th.  

Please note that we will be closed on Good Friday as we do each year.  This year it falls on April 15th.  So, if taxes stress you out, you’ll have to wait until Saturday to get adjusted.  Plan accordingly! The Good News is that God loves you and Easter is on April 16th so all will be well.  Passover starts on the 10th and ends on the 18th so that’s going to be a big week for everyone.  Remember that the last supper was a Passover meal!  No matter what you are commemorating, may you and your family be blessed with health, happiness and prosperity.

I am the state representative for the International Chiropractic Association so I am required to attend an annual meeting once a year.  This year it will be held at Life College of Chiropractic West just outside San Francisco.  As a result, the office will be closed from April 27-30th.

Lastly, with Dr. Steve leaving, I will need to go back to our old hours.  As summer approaches, it’s impossible to navigate the road in front of our office due to beach traffic after 11AM on Saturdays anyway so we are going to switch back to the old hours.


As of May 1st, the hours will be as follows:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- 8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Thursdays- Closed

Friday- 6:15 AM- 1:30 PM

Saturday- 7:30 AM- 11 AM

Sunday- Closed


Dr. Steve's Corner

Hi all! Welcome to spring!

As most of you may be aware, I've been doing quite a bit of traveling back and forth to New Orleans over the past 7 months; the reason being because my girlfriend from Chiropractic school resides there. We've been going back and forth about what to do with our relationship and if and where we should settle. I promise I made a really good pitch for Rhode Island, I really did! Between the beautiful summers and the incredibly friendly people and history (not to mention the countless sports championships in recent memory), I did my best to convince her that Rhody is the place to be.

Unfortunately, the winter was a deal-breaker for her and it looks like I'm headed to a new adventure in New Orleans. The various people I've talked to have been very supportive of my next venture, for which I'm grateful. I'll have to admit, although I am excited, I'm a little nervous and rather sad that I'll be leaving the place I've called home for years. It will be a big change, but I figure better to make a change while I'm (relatively) young than to turn my world upside down later on in life.

All in all, I must say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to practice the gift of Chiropractic with you to enhance my skill set, gain knowledge, and learn more about just how extraordinary the people of southern Rhode Island are. Thank you for your patience as I went about learning in this first year of practice. And most of all, thank you for being the truly unique people you are and for treating me like family during my tenure here.

My last day in the office will be Thursday, April 20th. Until then, I will continue to be in the office 6 days a week and looking forward to seeing your beautiful, unsubluxated faces. So let's make the best of our time together, enjoy the coming spring season, and as Sir Winston Churchill so eloquently put it, “stay unsubluxated, do your stretches, and be awesome to each other!”


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Lindsay and for the last time, Dr. Steve

March 2017 Newsletter

Posted: February 28, 2017
By: Jay Korsen, DC

March 2017 Newsletter

OK, first of all, There are no planned vacations for the month of March so we should be in the office every day but Sunday this month.  The next date the office will be closed will be Saturday, April 1st unless things change suddenly.  As we all know too well, life comes at you fast...  

Second of all, I want to report that after only 10 days, my ribs were completely healed and I am back adjusting in the office.  I am using a new technique to adjust the hips that produces great results with less effort and greater comfort for both you and I but the rest of the adjustment is the same as I have always done it.  For those of you that gasped when I adjusted your lower and middle back the way I have for years and said, "I didn't think you could do that any more", thank you for being so concerned and I really am fully healed.

Third, I have decided to come back to the office full time again.  Yes, I admit it, I was bored.  I will be in the office all the normal hours except Thursday morning.  I will also be adjusting from 7:30-1 PM on Saturday until we end the winter hours and begin a shorter day on Saturday for the summer when traffic gets hectic in front of our office due to beach traffic.

Everyone wants to know how I was able to heal 3 broken ribs in just 8-10 days.  So, here is what I did...

I took homeopathic Comfrey (in the blue tube from the health food store) called Symphytum Officinale three times a day for about 14 days.  I was on a completely vegan diet which included Hippocrates soup (from the Internet and the Gerson Therapy) and had little or no sugar, salt or oils for 10 days.  I ate spoonfuls of sesame seeds which have a very high calcium content.  I also watched a great movie called That Vitamin Movie (a must see) and increased my vitamin C to bowel tolerance which for me was about 12-15 grams a day. I also gave myself a chance to really rest.  I also had Dr. Redd, my acupuncturist, do acupuncture, infra-red, the Rife machine, and cold laser on the broken bones.  I was also adjusted every 2-3 days.  The last ingredient was PRAYER.  Thank you all so much for all the prayers.  I know that I would not have healed so miraculously fast if it were not for the prayers!  

In case you were wondering, yes, comfrey is listed by the FDA as a toxic plant to ingest.  It is interesting that for hundreds of years comfrey was known as knit-bone.  I disagree that it is toxic and I personally find it a shame that it wrongly grouped with any dangerous plants.  This is a letter re-printed from my patient to me with her permission:

"Hi Jay,  We are coming in for adjustment tomorrow an in the interest of not taking time from another patient I just want to say that it is a crime that MD's can't even talk about comfrey. Comfrey  is my power plant. She is the queen of my medicinal herb garden. I remember, I think in the 90's sending letters to the powers that be to not list comfrey as toxic. But as we know fighting big Pharm is a never ending battle. I spent 15 yrs taking care of my paraplegic brother. The bed sores were a constant. A combination of lavender essential oil and comfrey compress were very effective. I also spent many yrs smoking tobacco and comfrey, coltsfoot mullien and thyme were my heroes for respiratory ailments. I am glad to see that comfrey helped you, bonset is another good healer esp for cracked and broken bones but it is hard to find these days and difficult to grow in a backyard garden. I suspect it is another one of those can't talk about it plants. These days I find that patience and faith are the best healers of all. This too shall you always Jeannie"

OK, I suppose that's enough for this month.  Check out the movie That Vitamin Movie that my friend Dan suggested to me.  It's a game changer and explains orthomolecular biology in a way anyone can understand.  Also be sure to share my broken bone "protocol" with anyone you know that can benefit from it.


As Always, In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Kathy, Roberta and my awesome daughter Lindsay :)



BREAKING NEWS.... February 2017 Newsletter

Posted: February 3, 2017
By: Back To Health

Well, this is going to be an interesting and informative February 2017 newsletter.  

Let me begin by sharing some shocking news...
I broke 3 ribs!  It happened in bed about a week and a half ago from coughing violently due to a post nasal drip.  The next morning I went to the office and adjusted a patient's hips while they were in the side lying position and when I did, the pain was so crippling that I nearly blacked out.  The pain subsided in a moment so I continued to adjust the rest of the day and a few more days after that which has completely done me in for a couple of weeks.

Donald Hill, an advanced practice sonographer from Narragansett Radiology performed an ultrasound this morning and found the 9th, 10th and 12th ribs fractured.  Absolutely amazing!  I’m sort of glad that I fractured the ribs because he gave me an entire education about this advanced ultrasound technology which can be used as a safe alternative to mammograms, as a substitute to an MRI to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries like a torn rotator cuff and ligaments of the knee in addition to giving clear pictures of broken bones that are difficult to see on x-ray.  Thank you Dr. Hill!!

I AM IN GOOD HANDS!  I saw Dr. Hannah Redd for acupuncture, Rife machine, cold laser and infra-red sauna today.  My wife is well read on homeopathic remedies and I am on Symphytum officinale as per her recommendation which was seconded by Dr. Redd.  I am on a vegan diet with lots of green veggies for the calcium, sesame seeds for the calcium, wheat grass juice, Hippocrates soup and other herbal teas (shaved grass, nettle and comfrey) which all speed the healing of broken bones.  I am also having my upper cervical spine adjusted so that I am unsubluxated and my brain is communicating without interference to those fracture sites so that I can heal better.  If you know anyone that has a fracture in the future, refer back to this newsletter!

Doctors say it will take 6 weeks for me to heal but I am going to bet that on this regime I will be ready to adjust in a week or two.  I won’t be able to do a side posture or anterior thoracic adjustment for at least 8 weeks but there are techniques that are equally as effective using our new tables.  I have already adjusted several people using the drop mechanisms built into our new tables with outstanding results.  The Thompson Drop Table technique is a popular approach to chiropractic adjustments that is very effective. The Thompson Drop Table technique was invented by Dr. J. Clay Thomson, one of my professors at Palmer College. It revolves around the use of what is known as a “segmental drop table” which are the new blue tables in the office.  I will also be able to use the Arthrostim to adjust which I use on my own wife and even have a unit at home because she feels she gets better results with it than a manual adjustment.  Both of those techniques are MUCH more gentle and many of you are already being adjusted with the Thompson drop table and Arthrostim so you will not be affected by my broken ribs, thank God.

Not only am I in good hands but, YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!!  Dr. Steve’s timing on coming home to South County could not have been better.  Your spine is in great hands with him, as you already know!  I am so grateful that there is someone that I can trust implicitly with the people whom I consider friends and family, not patients.

Alright, enough from me.  I am going to go follow my own advice and rest so that I can heal better quickly. -Dr. Jay


Dr. Steve's Corner

Hey everyone! Just a few quick things to get you through the toughest winter month:

1) Do your stretches! I know it seems like we never have time throughout the day, but there's a lot of little things we can do: kick a foot up on a chair and gently lean towards it until you feel it pulling on your hamstrings underneath your thigh, or do something as simple as bring your arms above your head, pulling your shoulders back until it feels like you're pushing your chest out, and let your arms down by your sides, seeing how long you can hold your shoulders back for. Cold weather makes everything tighten up, so do yourself a favor and stay limber!

2) Is it safe to say the holiday season is over?! Hope everyone had a great one, but don't forget that smiling and doing small kind gestures for each other is in season all year round. Do something good for yourself by doing good for others!

3) Lots of new patients have asked me the same question, and I'm sure a lot of long-standing patients may have the same one but have refrained from asking: is it bad if sometimes I move a certain way and I hear a crack or a pop? Am I adjusting myself when that happens?

Very common question. It's not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it necessarily a good thing. Synovial joints, or little fluid-containing pockets where two bones meet, provide the necessary room for joints to move properly. Being that they are contained and constantly moving, nitrogen gas builds up in the joint space. When that space is opened up, whether it be because of a certain movement or an adjustment, the gas escapes, causing the popping sound. But although you may hear a pop, it doesn't necessarily mean that the bone is being adjusted back to its proper position, just as a bone CAN be adjusted back to its proper position without the pop if there's no built-up gas in the joint space at the moment of the adjustment. So again, not necessarily a bad thing as long as the movements are within your regular range of motion. However, once you start using your hands to twist your head/back/other body parts to an EXTREME to get a pop, this is when it becomes dangerous and may cause ligament stretching and damage.

4) Go Patriots! Be safe on Super Bowl Sunday, and here's a pretty cool article regarding our beloved Pats and Chiropractic:

5) Lastly, I figure I'll be a little cheesy and tell you that there's only one of YOU. So take care of yourself, be the best you can be, and don't be too hard on yourself. Nobody can do what you do each and every day except for you. And remember, you are NOT defined by a diagnosis! Your body is yours and has incredible potential to survive, thrive, and most importantly, make memories.


In Health, Love, and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Roberta, Kathy, and Lindsay

January 2017 Newsletter, Hours and Fees

Posted: January 1, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

January 2017 Newsletter


We will be CLOSED on Saturday January 28th to attend a conference in New Jersey.


Our new hours as of January 2017 are as follows:

Monday:      Dr. Jay      8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Tuesday:      Dr. Steve  8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Wednesday: Dr. Jay     8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Thursday:    Dr. Steve  8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Friday:         Both  Drs. Jay and Steve 6:15 AM- 1:30 PM

Saturday:     Dr. Steve  7:30 AM- 10:30 AM

Saturday:     Dr. Jay     10:00 AM- 1 PM

It is our hope that by adding an extra day on Thursdays and expanding the hours on Saturday that we will be able to help more people in our community.  Having said that, online presence are so very important to helping more people.  If you have not done a Google review for our office or "Liked" us on Facebook, could you take a moment to do that for us?  Thanks so much!

Just as a reminder, our new fees are super-easy and super affordable.  Because we had to take the box off the wall for payment, we lowered our fees to $20 an adjustment.  We did so beginning last month and phased out the box over the course of the month of December.  There is also a membership plan in the office for $70 a month that includes 4 visits a month which brings the visits to about $17.

One issue that comes up occasionally is our policy of re-checking the spine in case the adjustment did not hold or the muscle spasm was such that we could not get the spine adjusted fully.  Our policy is:  Courtesy re-checks must be done within 48 hours.  Unfortunately, there will be times when your stress levels are such that having multiple adjustments may be what the body needs but this should NOT be the case over a period longer than a week or so.  Just as we teach during the orientation, if you have been adjusted and any "symptoms" persist, we suggest getting checked by your medical doctor to rule out a more serious medical problem and to alleviate any pain while you give your body a chance to HEAL BETTER after your adjustment.  Remember, Chiropractic is not a treatment or cure for any medical condition or symptom.

That brings me to another very important subject!  It is the most important of the 33 principles of Chiropractic- There is no process which does not require TIME.  Yes, it takes time for our health to deteriorate and it requires time for our bodies to heal.  The most important part of the adjustment is the TIME between adjustments.  It's very similar to how music is made.  If we just take a bunch of notes and stick them together without any space between them and attempt to play them on a musical instrument, all we get is NOISE. If we put too much space between the notes, it ceases to be music and once again just becomes NOISE.   But, if we take the same notes and separate them properly on the lines and spaces of a staff, they become music. The timing of our chiropractic adjustments  has many parallels.

Claude Debussy was quoted as having said, "Music is the space between the notes." Consider your adjustments like the musical notes on the page. In Chiropractic, "Healing takes place in the space between the adjustments".  The adjustment is so very important because it removes the interference between the brain and the 70 trillion cells in the body BUT it is the time between the adjustments, after the chiropractor's hands leave the patient, when healing takes place.  Over time, if you put the adjustments closer together than every 4-7 days, we leave the body no time to heal properly.  Put the adjustments further apart than every 14 days and research shows joints deteriorate and the body dysfunctions.

At the risk of being cliché, "Let's Make Beautiful  ̶M̶u̶s̶i̶c̶  Health Together!"  

Get your spine checked and your subluxations adjusted every 7-14 days. 


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Roberta, Kathy, and Lindsay

December Newsletter 2016- WOW- MUST READ! Awesome New hours and New Fees!

Posted: November 29, 2016
By: Dr. Steve and Dr. Jay

WOW, This is going to be exciting!

First the changes in our schedule for December:

Dr Steve will be gone from Friday, December 30th through Monday, January 2nd.

We will be closed Saturday December 24th (Christmas Eve)

We will be closed Saturday December 31st (New Years Eve)

On to the BIG NEWS:

As of Monday, January 2nd, we will be expanding our hours


As of Friday, December 2nd we will be changing our fees in the office.


Changes in office hours starting in January:

As you all know, Dr. Steve has been an important and integral part of our office for quite some time now.  We have decided that we can better serve the community if we expand our hours.  As of January 2nd  (not December) our hours will be as follows:

Monday:      Dr. Jay      8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Tuesday:      Dr. Steve  8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Wednesday: Dr. Jay     8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Thursday:    Dr. Steve  8:30-1 and 3-6:15

Friday:         Both  Drs. Jay and Steve 6:15 AM- 1:30 PM

Saturday:     Dr. Steve  7:30 AM- 10:30 AM

Saturday:     Dr. Jay     10:00 AM- 1 PM

It is our hope that by adding an extra day on Thursdays and expanding the hours on Saturday that we will be able to help more people in our community.

Changes in our fees beginning in December:

For the last 4 years we’ve utilized the box on the wall as a way to make care affordable to our community.  Unfortunately a mentor and friend in New Jersey, who used to use the same payment system, was audited by the IRS and they accused him of taking money out of the box without reporting it as income.  This created a nightmare for him, thus, proving that when it comes to the government, good deeds do not go unpunished.  He had to switch to a system that accounted for a payment for each person on every visit and that payment must be recorded in the patient file.  He chose the “membership” system and pay as you go option.

As of December, we are going to adopt the same system.  The dilemma was figuring out how to keep the payments low enough for anyone that wants and needs the care in the office.  So, we calculated the average of how much each person puts in the box on the wall and that has become our new, Super-easy, Ultra-affordable fee.  It is, in fact, five dollars less than I used to charge in 1992 for a visit!  It’s crazy but we are going to give it a go and trust that God will provide enough people to sustain our office. 

Our new Super-Easy, Ultra-Affordable Fee Schedule is as follows:

Each Visit- $20

- that includes regular adjustments, new patients and re-checks (since we can’t always “get it” in one visit even though we do try)

Visit includes:
- Checking for SUBLUXATIONS and an ADJUSTMENT if one is found so that the body is able to HEAL BETTER.

- all children under 18 or still in school and seen on the same visit with their parents.
- Hugs at no additional cost
- Reminder that you are a bright light

Visit does not include:
- Whining
- Complaining
- Treatment of any medical condition
- Symptom Chasing
- Telling the Chiropractor where he should adjust you
- Trying to negotiate a “better deal”

- Promise to get rid of pain
- Treatment for any work or car accident or injury
- The use of any form of insurance for any reason

We will also be simplifying all the membership plans in the office. As follows:

Individual wellness membership:  $70/mo

Addition of spouse:                         $40/mo

- Memberships include UP TO 4 VISITS a month and additional visits over 4 a month are $20 each.

- Memberships are only offered by automated credit card payment to make it easy on our staff which is how we can offer this discount.

- Memberships are cancelled automatically if any member of the family does not come in to be checked at least twice a month and can not be re-started unless there is a medical or family emergency that you call and inform us about.  (sorry gang, no second chances on this option)

- If you are currently paying more than $70 a month for your membership, you will see the new lower fee reflected in the next billing cycle.  If you are paying less than that and the new fee is not within your means, please let us know.

The box on the wall will be repurposed:

The box will remain on the wall for use if you inform the front desk that the $20 fee is not within your means until January 1st but after that you will need to make special arrangements at the front desk to make your payment there and have the payment recorded in your file for tax purposes so we can show we are being 100% above board and ethical in our business practices and provide a receipt to you at the end of the year for your taxes if requested.

After January 1st, the box on the wall will be relocated in the office next to the prayer closet and used as a prayer concerns box.  We will have a pad and a pen for you to share your prayer concerns and drop them into the box for us to pray for you before we start and upon finishing our day.

If there is a silver lining about having to change our fee system it is this:  A $20 universal fee is revolutionary and is less than most people’s deductible and co-pay making Chiropractic care affordable for everyone.  It also eases the stress of having to come in once a week or risk losing your privilege to use the box.  We know life is hectic and stress is the cause of subluxation which leads to dis-ease.  We have taught you the science of why you should be checked every 7-10 days and we are confident you understand the benefits.  Now everyone gets the lowest possible fee every visit and you don’t have to feel awkward or embarrassed or judged about having gone too long between visits. We are so very excited and optimistic about these new changes! Please spread the word!

Dr. Steve's Corner!

Hi all!

I'd like to extend my most sincere, heartfelt gratitude to every patient family member I have come in contact with during my time here at Back to Health. I am in awe at how everyone has greeted me with open arms since I started! Thank you all for having patience with me and "trying me out" over the past few months; I've noticed recently that my confidence in my adjusting skills and confidence in myself in general has skyrocketed, and I certainly would not feel this way without the warmth that comes from having the privilege of treating people like you. I'm the luckiest guy in the world to be able to call Back to Health my home, and to count you all as my friends. I vow to continue improving, both as a Chiropractor and as a person, and make each and every visit better than the last! Thank you again!


In Health and Faith, Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay

FREE visits to veterans on 11/11/16 and MORE

Posted: November 10, 2016
By: Jay Korsen

Please spread the word that on Friday, November 11th we are going to be adjusting all Veterans, Active Military and Gold Star Dependents for FREE!

PS-We are in the final stages of making plans to expand our hours on a trial basis beginning December 1st. This may include a full day in the office on Thursdays covered by Dr. Steve and expanded hours on Saturdays past noon. That means you will have a chiropractor in the office 6 days a week for your convenience.

Details on specific hours and which chiropractor will be covering each day will follow in the newsletter. We are also considering a changeto the fee system as of the beginning of the year that will be simple and ultra-affordable. Again, more details will follow in the December Newsletter.

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Kathy, Roberta, and Lindsay

November 2016 Newsletter and Video

Posted: October 30, 2016
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

November 2016 Newsletter and Video

GREAT NEWS! There will be regular hours during the month of November since the only holiday is Thanksgiving and it falls on a Thursday.

*Dr. Steve will be off from Friday 11/4- Through Tuesday 11/8 and will return at 3 PM on Tuesday 11/8.

This month we are going to try something a little different. The newsletter will be in the form of a video that we shot using FacebookLive.

You will learn:

1. What causes all dis-ease as well as what causes all subluxations.

2. How to DE-STRESS using the same Qi-Gong that I do each morning.

3. The difference between a "really bad" and a "little"subluxation.

Click on the picture or the link below to take you to the video. Enjoy!

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay

Click this for the facebook link Youtube



October 2016 Newsletter and Hours. Are you out of Whack?

Posted: October 2, 2016
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

October 2016 Newsletter

Important dates to remember this month:

**Dr. Jay will be away and Dr. Steve will be adjusting everyone Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th.

**The office will be CLOSED on Friday, October 28th and Saturday October 29th.

**No promises here, just rumors, but we have it from a relatively reliable source that Elvis Presley will be appearing, live and in person, for one day only to adjust any lucky souls that want to have the King correct their subluxations on Halloween, Monday, October 31st.  Rumor also has it that he will be handing out all new organic, GMO free, fruit chews and caramels from the Lovely Candy Co.  Don’t tell too many people because it would be a small Wonder if the Peanuts don’t go Bananas when they hear about this event.

I considered doing a video instead of a newsletter but that will have to wait until next month where I hope to show you how to do the10 minute Qi-Gong routine I do each morning to stretch, strengthen, reduce stress and increase energy.  You can look forward to that next month.

For this month, I want to apologize to you for laughing when you told me that you wanted to be put back “In Whack”.  I didn’t think that there was such a thing as being “In or Out of Whack” but I have done a little research and you will be surprised how accurate it is to say that I am out of Whack” and “I want to be put back In Whack”!!

The phrase started back in the 18th Century when the term Whack was used to describe a share in a distribution or an allotted portion. At that time, most of the goods were bought in an old fashioned general store from a bulk barrel.  For example, you would pay 5 cents for a pound of flour.  The store owner put a 1 pound weight on one side of the scale and filled a sack up on the other side of the scale with your flour until the scale was balanced.  Some store owners filed down the one pound weight or drilled a hole in the bottom of the weight so that it “looked like a one pound weight” but weighed a little less than a pound and they pocketed the extra money from the purchase.  When the customer got home, they found they were given less than the pound of flour they paid for and realized the exchange of money for the amount they got was “Out of Whack” or, in other words, Out of Balance.

Indeed, when you come to the office, we often check your posture to see if your hips, shoulders and head are level and In Balance.  We also want your brain to be able to fully communicate with your body and your body to be able to fully communicate with your brain and for that feedback system to be In Balance or “In Whack”.  

So, in the final analysis, being “In Whack” or being “In Balance” means that your body is Unsubluxated and functioning in a state called homeostasis.  In this state the brain can keep all the parts of the body working at their optimal levels so that you can stay healthy or if there is a problem, you can Heal Better!

Check out this Blast From The Past to see how the nervous system keeps the body IN WHACK with this Schoolhouse Rock.  (If you don’t know what a telegram is, it’s kinda like an e-mail or a Facebook message but for old farts like your parents or your chiropractor.)

Click on the Image below to check out the video or just click this link:

See you within the next 7-10 days in the office!  

In Health and Faith,

Your Back To Health Chiropractic Team,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Steve, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay