March 2018 Newsletter and Hours

Posted: February 26, 2018
By: Dr. Jay and Dr. Brianna

March 2018 Newsletter

Important dates to remember:

We will be CLOSED on Saturday March 10th

We will be CLOSED on Friday and Saturday, March 16th &17th

Dr. Korsen will be away April 7th

Dr. Brianna will be away March 23rd-28th

Dr. Brianna will not be here the morning of Tuesday, February 27th


From Dr. Jay:

I'm going to keep this short for you. We are in the process of changing our online presence. We will have an all new Facebook page, an all new Website, a new Instagram and Twitter account as well.  Take a good last look at our website as odds are within a few weeks it will be quite different.  We are exploring an online scheduling service where you can book your appointments directly into the office yourself and pay online for the appointment before you get there if you wish.  We are looking into offering a shorter video (5-9 minutes) for new patients that can be viewed right on our site.  This is a time of new technologies so we are going to make an attempt to embrace the times.  Please let us know what changes we could add with new technology that would make getting adjusted simpler.  We may not be able to deliver an adjustment 'virtually' online yet but perhaps we can make your life easier with some technological changes.  SO... Throw out a couple of ideas for us!!  Thank you in advance!!

Here are a few ideas patients have already shared:  Auto-billing for 4 visits a month at a $10 savings per month for auto-bill, Online scheduling so you can see the open spots from home or on your phone in real time, Ability to book and pay for an appointment online or from your phone, Manage your visits online (cancel or move your appointment to another time spot), receive automatic text or email reminders of your appointments, book one or multiple visits with either Dr. of your choice, Even simpler check-in,  NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...  WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE?  Reply to this email or send an email directly to or  Thanks in advance!


From Dr. Brianna:

Confessions of a Chiropractor

When I tell people that I am a Chiropractor, more often than not, their first thought is that I “fix” neck and back pain.  While it’s true, that Chiropractic can help the body deal with aches and pains, that is not what inspired me to become a Chiropractor.  Yes, I said it.  I did not become a Chiropractor just to fix your aches and pains.  It’s not that I don’t care about your pain, I do, I promise, and I know firsthand what it’s like to be bent over in crippling back pain.  Besides, I don’t like watching people suffer, so I am happy to help where I can.  However, my confession is that I became a Chiropractor so that I can help you and your family achieve a lifetime of HEALTH, of HAPPINESS, and of true FULFILLMENT, so that you can all live your BEST life.  The truth is that in addition to pain, Chiropractic holds the potential to helping you transcend all kinds of symptoms, sickness and disease.  It can also help keep them away, before they even develop, so that unnecessary suffering doesn’t happen.  See, I became a Chiropractor because I fell in love with the fact that there is an intelligence running the show, whose only goal is to keep us healthy, happy and fully alive. My goal is to keep you connected to this intelligence for as long as you live, so that you can live your BEST life.  As your Chiropractor, I promise to support you on your journey of living your BEST life.  And, let’s make sure we take care of your kids and the rest of your family, so you can be surrounded by people living their BEST life too!

In health and faith, 

Dr. Jay, Dr. Brianna, Roberta, Kathy, Lori & Elli

February 2018 Newsletter Back To Health Chiropractic of Wakefield, RI

Posted: January 28, 2018
By: Dr. Jay Korsen and Dr. Brianna

February 2018 Newsletter


Important dates:

Dr. Korsen will be away from the office most of the morning Tuesday, 1/30 to attend a friend's funeral.

We will be closed Friday and Saturday March 16th and 17th to attend a conference.

We will be closed Good Friday, March 30th.

A note from Dr. Jay:

I'm feeling 100% recoveredfrom my recent injury in October and I'm back to adjusting most people the 'old way' by hand. Many people really enjoyed the more gentle adjustment with the Arthrostim instrument and the Vibracussor and I will continue to use those if you ask me to use them before I begin checking you.

I really believe that the technique I was using wasn't the culprit for my injury, it was the fact that I was adjusting 150 people a day. Because I understand the benefits of regular Chiropractic care, I created an office that was hyper-affordable and hyper-convenient so that we could check and adjust every man, woman and child in our community. The problem was that my pride and ego led me to believe that I could do it all on my own which resulted in my injury.

I put the "Kibash" on my pride and ego and have asked God to make me a better servant.Through biblical study, I have come to the conclusion that we are all servants... you just have to decide who you want to serve. In my case, I decided that I wanted to serve God by serving His children (that's YOU) through the vehicle of Chiropractic. Right now, Godhas led me to limit myself to adjusting about 50 people a day and to allow Dr. Brianna to help all those that choose to walk-in each day. Many of you have been adjusted by Dr. Brianna and know she's awesome. This is the best of both worlds! Scheduling and walk-ins... your choice.

I believe and understand, through science, the importance of having a healthy nerve system. Regular Chiropractic care every 7-14 days ensures that the spine is unsubluxated (aligned) and has been shown, through scientific research, to increase the immune response (kind of important during 'flu season'), improve mood, normalize hormone levels, improve reflex time (the reason why every professional and Olympic sports team has a chiropractor), and hundreds of other benefits. Some of the benefits of regular care can be read about HERE--> a paper called 'Objective Physiologic Changes and Associated Health Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments in Asymptomatic Subjects: A Review of the Literature'. (check out reference #22 in this paper as it's the research project I proposed and worked on while I was at Palmer College of Chiropractic).

I look forward to seeing you soon whether it be to get you Back To Health or to Keep Your Back Healthy so that your family can fully express HEALTH, fully express LIFE and fully express LOVE as the BRIGHT LIGHTS you were intended to be by your Creator.


A Note from Dr. Brianna Salvia:

Why would my baby or child, who has no back pain, benefit from seeing a Chiropractor?

Well, Chiropractic really doesnt have much to do with back pain.Its about your health and your life. Its about having a full brain to body connection, which creates afully functioning nerve system. Our nerve system controls and coordinates EVERY aspect of ones life.Research shows that when kids receive regular Chiropractic care, more often than not, they grow into healthy, thriving adults.I always think, what problems might we be preventing down the road?Theres no way to tell, but why chance it?I had an amazing childhood, but if there is one thing I wouldve changed, it wouldve been to be under Chiropractic care.How much better of a soccer player could I have? How much faster could I have been? How much more flexible could I have been? How many more AP classes could I have taken with ease?How many antibiotics could I have avoided?How much more connected to myself would I have been?How much more intelligently, and with ease, would I have gone through my early years?Thats why I am so passionate about taking care of you and your children.When it comes to your health and living life at your fullest potential, there is nothing more important than a thriving nerve system! Getting checked and adjusted will ensure that this happens!

Top ten reasons parents seek Chiropractic care for their children:

1. To maximize their childs brain and nerve function.

2. Enhance their childs overall health and well-being.

3. To strengthen their immune system, and reduce the incidence of colds, flu's, ear infections, and other common illnesses.

4. To help with colic and irritable baby syndrome.

5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties, and allergies.

6. To improve spinal posture.

7. To improve a childs ability to concentrate.

8. To assist with behavioral disorders.

9. To help alleviate bed wetting and digestive issues.

10. To assist with sleep issues.

So with or without symptoms, Chiropractic care benefits EVERYONE! Come on in!


NOTE: all the blue underlined words are links to take you to the Chiropractic research related to the issues discussed. If you ever want to go back and see this or any of our previous newsletters, you can find them in the monthlyblogsection of our website

ONE LAST REQUEST: We ask for your prayers for a young man who is a friend of ours, MARCO DEJOY, who has been moved to Mass General and is in the cardiac intensive care unit.


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Brianna, Roberta, Kathy, Lori and Lindsay


January 2018 Newsletter

Posted: December 30, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen and Dr. Brianna

January 2018 Newsletter

Please note: Dr. B will be away on Saturday Jan 13th so there will not be any walk ins that day.

WOW... another year has come and gone. I have to say, I'm not going to miss this one! I broke 3 ribs, tore a disc in half andDr. Steve moved to Mississippi. On the up side, I learned how to heal a broken bone in 10 days, I had a miraculous healing of my disc in just 2 weeks and God sent an awesome chiropractor to work in the office when we needed it the most. I know that Romans 8:28 (We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.) applies to last year but I'm hoping for less excitement this year.

Here's the Great News:

1. I'm completely healed and I'm able to adjust both the old way as well as any of the new ways (drop table and instrument adjustment). I would say that I'm grateful but grateful isn't a strong enough word. If you combined the word grateful with overflowing unconditional agape love and had a word for that... it would be how I feel. It's so wonderful to be back doing what I love to do.

2. We now offer the best of both worlds- I accept 50 scheduled appointments a day and see them with little or no wait AND Dr. Brianna accepts walk ins so you have your choice.

3. We now offer a very simple and fair fee system of 40 an adjustment, 30 if your last visit was less than a month ago (that's a $10 discount per visit for those under regular care) and 25 for seniors 65 or over.

2018 Goals and New Year's Resolutions:

Have you taken the time to sit down and write out your goals and resolutions for 2018? I take time in the last week of December or the first week of January to write my goals out every year. I think more people would do it if they knew how. I believe in the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) approach. So here's how I do it:

A) Take out 9 blank sheets of paper.

B) At the top of the first sheet of paper write in bold letters PERSONAL GOALS, on the second sheet write FINANCIAL GOALS, on the third write MATERIAL GOALS, BUSINESS GOALS on the fourth, SPIRITUAL GOALS on the fifth, HEALTH GOALS on the sixth, TRAVEL GOALS on the seventh, FAMILY GOALS on the eighth, and ULTIMATE CRAZY WAY OUT GOALS on the ninth page.

C) Sit and write whatever comes to your mind for 5-10 minutes on each of the 9 sheets of paper, one sheet at a time. There's no particular order so start with whichever sheetyou want. Try not to stop writing for whatever time limit you give yourself. Write down anything that comes to your mind no matter how big or small the goal.

D) Now circle or star the top 5 goals on each page (It's OK if there are less than 5 goals on a page there is no right or wrong way to do this) then number them 1-5 in order of importance.

E) Take out one more blank sheet of paper. Write the #1 goal from each of the other 9 sheets of paper on this piece of paper. Next to each of these goals,write a datethat you intend to have that goal accomplished by. (A goal without a deadline is merely a weak prayer or wish.)

There you have it. 45 goals to accomplish for 2018 with the top 9 goals separated out with the dates you'll accomplish them by. May I suggest that among your 2018 health goals, personal goals and family goals you add- "Get my family's spine checked once every 7-14 days to ensure we are fully expressing life and living to our full health potential"?

I want you to know that of ALL my goals, the most important one is "Detecting and Correcting Subluxations for as many people as I am physically able to reach so that we can eliminate the predicament of our species in South County."

The predicament of our species is that when someone is subluxated(has a spinal misalignment) they can't fully express life. Now, that may sound crazy but if someone has a subluxation and it causes headaches for example, can they be the best mother or father they can be? Can they interact at their highest potential with people at work? Can they get the best grades they're capable of in school? Can they fully express love to those they care about or fully receivelove when they are subluxatedand hurting? NO! My goal and Dr. Brianna's goal is to detect and correct subluxations until every man, woman and child in our community is a 'BRIGHT LIGHT' and WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE ACCOMPLISH OUR GOAL!


And now a Word from Dr. Brianna:

Spoiler alert:the flu is not a season, its simply your bodys inability to adapt and fight off a virus.With the cold weather sweeping in this past week, I keep hearing more and more people talking about the flu season.So why is it that the flu seems to make an appearance around this time every year?Well, I have a few ideas that Id like share with you.The cold weather tends to keep us indoors, causing a decrease in physical activity, combined with less time outside enjoying some good, healthy, immune boosting, natural sun exposure.Less physical activity can cause us to become more stressed, and in turn, we become more likely to reach for that sugar, causing our immune systems to weaken, making it more difficult to fight off the flu.So, if youre wondering what you can do to avoid the flu this year, the answer is to keep your immune system thriving!A few tips; stay hydrated, get 7-8 hours of sleep per night, fuel your body with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, strive for just 15 minutes of physical activity per day, and last, but certainly not least, stay well adjusted!Did you know that regular Chiropractic care boosts the immune system by 200%, which may just be enough to give your body the ability to stay healthy and strong during this flu season.-Dr. Brianna Salvia, BS, MS, DC

We're looking forward to seeing you next week!

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Brianna, Kathy, Roberta, Lindsay and Lori


December 2017 Newsletter and Hours Wakefield, Narragansett, RI

Posted: December 1, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

December 2017 Newsletter


December Hours:

We will be CLOSED on Monday, December 25th and Friday, December 29th.


Well, as most of you already know, Dr. Brianna has joined our team at Back To Health Chiropractic! She is taking walk-ins and has extended an introductory offer to adjust our patients for only $20 until December 31st! All new patients must still follow the instructions on how to become a new patient on our website but she is only charging $20 until December 31st. She's already adjusting nearly 30 people a day and everyone has been giving us the 'thumbs up' on the way out. Kids seem to really love Dr. Brianna so we've put another train table in room 4so she can keep the kids amused after their adjustment while she's taking care of the parents.

Also on a positive note, I'm healing at a miraculous rate! Based on what was found on the MRI, my recovery can only be described as a true miracle of God through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can't thank everyone enough for all the prayers. I have remained on a plant-strong anti-inflammatory diet and I'm still taking a bunch of whole food supplements and herbs. I really have to thank my wife Lori for putting in hundreds of hours studying the proper use of these supplements which I have personally benefited from. If you want to ask her any questions about supplements or herbs, you can contact her by email at She's currently not charging for her 'friendly advice' and is doing phone consultations which she's told me everyone seems to prefer in this day and age where time is everyone's most valued commodity.

I'm still keeping my daily patient visits at 50 maximum by appointment only while I continue to heal but it's a huge relief to me that Dr. Brianna is able to take care of those people who need to get in the same day they call. I completely and totally love Chiropractic and watching people more fully express life and health after their adjustment and it's plainly clear and abundantly obvious that Dr. Brianna feels the same way. I'm so grateful that God sent her our way.

There have been some absolutely amazing research studies published recently on the topics of "Reduction of Labor and Delivery Time Due to Chiropractic Care", "A Reduction of MS symptoms following Chiropractic Care", "Resolution of Breech Presentation Confirmed by Ultrasound Following Chiropractic", "Resolution of Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Headaches with Chiropractic", "Resolution of Hypothyroidism & Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Chiropractic", and literally hundreds more studies can be found by going to our website and scrolling down to the bottom of the home page. Click on any of the health articles and then type any health topic into the Health Topic search bar to the right of the article. This is a relatively new feature we've added for you.

Dr. Brianna's message to our practice family:

First, I want to start off by thanking all of you who have given me the warmest welcome I could have possibly received.I feel beyond blessed to have the opportunity to be serving and sharing my passion for Chiropractic in the Narragansett community.

A bit about me: Im a Long Island native, who spent nearly four years in California, studying Chiropractic and exploring the west coast.Prior to Chiropractic, I earned a Bachelors in Health Studies and a Masters in Education.I spent two years teaching middle school health and science in New York City.It wasnt until a back injury that happened while playing soccer, that I found my true calling, Chiropractic.I was drawn to the philosophy that we have everything we need, and that the body is so intelligent, it is capable of healing itself.I am driven by my passion to help individuals, families and communities realize their full potential by living healthier, more fulfilling and connected lives through Chiropractic. When Im not in the office, I enjoy practicing yoga, spending time in nature and with family and friends, learning to cook healthy meals, reading or setting off on my next adventure!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

In Improving Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Dr. Brianna, Roberta, Kathy, Lindsay and Lori


PS- Don't forget the 20th Annual Christmas Tableaux December 2nd and 3rd from 5:30-7 PM at the PerryvilleBible Church (just off Rt. 1), at 220 Moonstone Beach Road, Wakefield, RI 02879. I'll be one of the guides walking guests through 9 scenes that tell the Christmas Story including a live nativity, real animals and a cast of dozens and dozens from several local churches.

Dr. Brianna, Walk-Ins, $20 visits and $20 New Patients

Posted: November 26, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

You spoke, we listened...  

An overwhelming number of people expressed their desire to have WALK-IN availability in the office so we've hired an AWESOME Chiropractor to make that happen again.  Dr. Brianna Salvia will be welcoming walk-ins in our practice once again.  Beginning MONDAY, November 27th, she will be in the office the following hours:  (No Tuesday morning this week due to a previous commitment she has)

Monday- 8:30 - 1  and 3 - 6:15

Tuesday- 8:30 - 1 and 3 - 6:15 (only 3-6:15 Tuesday 11/28)

Wednesday- 8:30 - 1 and 3 - 6:15 

Friday-   6:20 AM - 1:30 PM

Saturday- 7:30 AM - 11AM

**Dr. Jay will still be by appointment only during our normal office hours while he is healing.**

Dr. Brianna Salvia is a graduate of the prestigious Life College West in California.  She is a Long Island native and has relocated to Rhode Island to serve our community.  She was the recipient of the Emerald Award for Clinical Excellence and grew a large pediatric practice as an intern at the Life West Clinic.  Dr. Brianna has also done Chiropractic mission work in both India and Mexico where she adjusted nearly 100 people a day.  She has already proven herself to be a true servant and embodies the Give, Love, Serve message that our office has strived to uphold over the last 17 years in Southern Rhode Island.  She is proficient and has mastered all the techniques we presently use and those we have used in the office in the past.

On a personal note, I want to say that I don't trust many people to take care of my own spine and I found Dr. Brianna to have a special gift of being able to adjust with finesse and skill.  She is truly remarkable at adjusting and I'm grateful to have her as my new Chiropractor!  When my patients move away and they ask me how to find a Chiropractor, I tell them to go to whomever is adjusting the most children in the area because the parents have already screened out the ones they don't trust.  It comes as no surprise to me that she was the intern at the Life West Clinic that took care of the most children!  She is caring, skilled, confident and we are proud to have her on board!

Please help us welcome Dr. Brianna to the office with this SPECIAL OFFER: Dr. Brianna will be offering her adjustments at our old fee of $20 Until January 1st  AND all her NEW PATIENT VISITS only $20!  WOW!  Take advantage of this special offer she is extending to all our patients to grow her practice.

Here she is adjusting during her mission trip in India and receiving an award at Life West Chiropractic College from my friend and President of the College, Dr. Ron Oberstein:


The monthly newsletter will follow in a few days... be on the lookout! 

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay




November 2017 Newsletter

Posted: October 29, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

November 2017 Newsletter and Hours


Please note:  In case this is the first email you've read in a while, we are now a 100% by appointment only office.  Please call to schedule your next appointment. I think you're going to like not having to wait when you get to the office. 

Because I am only scheduling 6 people an hour instead of trying to keep up with 12-15 people walking in each hour, there's hardly ever a wait but it's created a need for people to arrive either 5 minutes early or on time for the appointment. 

Unfortunately if you arrive 5 or more minutes late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule you for another appointment and it will count as a Missed appointment.  Your first missed appointment will be forgiven and there will be no charge as everyone is entitled to a second chance.  If you miss 2 appointments (not necessarily in a row) you will have to pay for that appointment next time you're in.  In other words, you will have to pay for the visit time you scheduled but missed or did not arrive on time for.  If you miss two appointments in a row, we will require that you come pay for those two appointments in person before being allowed to schedule your next visit.  Thanks for understanding why this is a necessary new policy that goes hand in hand with scheduling. 

And Now The Great News...

Although my disc looked pretty gnarly on the MRI and it was expected that I would have to go to surgery to fix the problem, I followed the advice I have given to many of you over the years and I have made a miraculous recovery.  I am nearly pain free and I was able to adjust patients in the office all last week.  Everyone wants to know exactly what I did to recover so here's as complete a list as possible.  

- PRAYER- prayer played a huge role in my recovery from injury so thank you all for your prayers!

-Chiropractic Adjustments- I was adjusted several times a week by both Dr. Zimmer in Wakefield and Dr. Nicole Wheeler-Glover in Richmond. 

- Standard Process Whole food supplements and herbs- I took Ligaplex to help the ligaments, Glucosamine Synergy to help the joints, Drenamin, Rhodiola & Ginseng and Adrenal Complex to support my adrenal glands while taking the prednisone, Zymex to help my gut health (where the immune system lives), Prosynbiotic for gut health, Catalyn which is a whole food multi-vitamin, Tuna and Cod liver oil to decrease inflammation, and one VERY EFFECTIVE herbal anti-inflammatory herb complex called Boswellia Complex that contains Boswellia, celery seed fruit, ginger rhizome, and turmeric rhizome.  This stuff is as effective as the prednisone in my opinion, without the nasty side effects!!  WOW!  I also took a homeopathic/ herbal complex called Formula 303 to help my muscles relax and to get a deeper sleep while I healed.

-COMPLETE change in my diet- I've always had a "plant strong" diet but I knew I had to make radical changes to get a radical result. If you give your body the right nutrients, it knows what to do with them to repair the body.  So, I began the Gerson diet.  It's a radical diet for cancer patients and people with life threatening illnesses but it's a completely anti-inflammatory diet too.  I've eaten only raw or steamed vegetables since October 10th which is when I got injured.  No sugar, No salt, No oils except for the fish oils, and no grains of any kind including corn, rice or wheat.  It's a radical diet but the results I've gotten are radical as well. I've lost 15 pounds so far which is 15 pounds off my injured disc in just 3 weeks.  If you want to try this you can google the Gerson Diet but if you want to get similar results in a not so radical way, let me know in the office and we can set up an appointment for you to speak to Lori or me outside regular hours about doing a 10 day or 21 day purification program.  <--- Click this link for a GREAT purification overview, cookbook, and resource.  Page 26 tells you more about the program.  (

- Acupuncture- I saw Dr. Hannah Redd nearly daily in the beginning to get my chi flowing.  Energy medicine is very powerful in the hands of a skilled acupuncturist like Dr. Redd!  I have always and will always HIGHLY recommend her!

-My Medical Doctor- There is a time and a place for a great MD.  My MD is Dr. James Gloor in North Kingstown.  He's the one that took care of me when I had a tick disease that nearly ended my career several years ago.  This time he gave me a course of steroids that took the pressure of the disc off the nerve and allowed the healing process to begin AND gave me some relief from the pain allowing me to bear weight on my leg without bending over at the waist at 90 degrees.  He has a new walk-in at 7260 Post Rd.

-Light stretching and exercise-  You're pretty limited in the exercises you can do with a torn or bulged disc so I began doing Tai-Chi and easy Qi-Gong flowing movements.  I also just recently became a student of a Tai-chi and Qi-gong sensei and will be studying both those arts.

-Rest- often times the hardest thing to do is to be still.  I gave my body time to rest and sleep.  It's true that the body heals itself when it's resting.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to give my body the time to rest.

-Reduce the Stress that caused the problem- Often easier said than done, I know.  For me, it was adjusting up to 150 or more people a day and doing it with a technique that was too physically demanding on my body.  Now that I am limited to adjusting 6 people an hour or a maximum of 50 people a day, and using the Arthrostim adjusting instrument, my body is recovering quickly. 


The BEST NEWS- The ironic part of all this is that PEOPLE LOVE how thorough yet gentle the new adjusting technique is.  People have reported that their adjustments have lasted longer and the adjustments are so much more comfortable.  I can be infinitely more specific at correcting subluxations with the Arthrostim adjusting instrument and with the new Vibracussors that are on the way, even the muscles will respond faster and more effectively after the adjustments.  It's true that there's a silver lining in every cloud!

OK, that was another long newsletter but it's what everyone was asking for this week in the office.  We are booking out 2 or 3 days since the spaces are limited so make sure you schedule at least 2 or 3 days in advance for your weekly or bi-weekly check-up.  Your first visit back since my injury will be at the same fee you paid last time so there are no surprises.  Then, going forward, you'll use our new easy and affordable fee system.  I'm looking forward to seeing you become, once again, a BRIGHT LIGHT!

In Improving Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Lindsay and Lori


Important Update... Please read

Posted: October 14, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

Just an update:

I am healing better! As it turns out, adjusting using the technique that involves putting people on their side (side posture adjusting) and sitting back onto my hand (anterior adjusting) has taken a significant toll on my spine because of the sheer volume of people I have served each day and week.

We will be returning to the office on Monday the 23rd WITH some necessary changes:

We are going to be SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS and ENDING THE WALK-IN POLICY. This will allow me to come back at a lighter schedule to continue to heal from the torn disc in my lower back. Scheduling will allow me to continue to serve my patients and it will eliminate or drastically reduce the wait time in the office even during days and times that were usually very busy. You can leave a message on the office answering machine or call the office during our normal office hours.

We will be using the ARTHROSTIM EXCLUSIVELY as my doctors have forbidden me from performing any anterior or side posture adjusting as it may cause irreparable damage to my spine. I will still be adjusting the neck the way we have in the past for you with or without the instrument .  I've used the Arthrostim exclusively on many of you already and I use it exclusively on my wife as well so I know it's effective at correcting subluxations... plus, kids love it.

For your first visit back, the fee will remain the same ($20), thereafter, there will be a change in the fees. Our new fee system will be $40 for an adjustment if it has been more than 1 month since the last visit, $30 if it has been less than one month since the last visit and $25 for seniors. For the first month I am going to honor the Membership plans and then reassess the following month.

In the meantime, if you need to be seen before we reopen, or prefer the side posture or anterior adjustments I used to perform on the mid and lower back, I suggest Dr. Shane Zimmer in Wakefield (401 308-2173), Dr. Nicole Wheeler-Glover on 112 in Richmond (401 539-2617), Dr. Andrea Fontain-Schiller on Post Rd. on the border between EG and Warwick (401 419-2691), Dr. Stan Dezjot in Westerly (401 742-0337) or Dr. Herb Curtis in Lincoln (401 334-3900).

Thank you for all the healing prayers. Although I really whammied myself, I trust God and the innate power of the body to heal itself and I am doing all the things that I have told you over the years and in the orientation to heal better.

In Health and Faith,
Dr. Jay

October 2017 Newsletter and Hours

Posted: October 1, 2017
By: Dr. Jay Korsen

October 2017 Newsletter and hours

Please note the following changes to our schedule:

We will be CLOSEDFriday-SaturdayOctober 13-14th, and 20-21stto attend conferences in GA and NJ.


Well, the last week of September Lori and I traveled to the beautiful, tropical state of Wisconsin. I know that seems like an odd choice of vacation spots and you would be absolutely right. Although the state is very beautiful and we did get to go hiking once in Devils Gate State Park, we spent several days in a seminar put on by Standard Process and learned more about nutrition and nutritional supplements to help you and your family. The conference took place at and near their farm and processing plant. We did get to inspect the farm (over 600 acres of it and growing) and we were taken on a tour of their processing plant and laboratories which is less than a mile from where they grow the organic produce they use to make the supplements. Believe me, they're VERY picky about their organic status and purity of their products and they go to great lengths to ensure that they keep their organic status on their farm. Lori and I were very impressed since we've been using these products ourselves for nearly 26 years. We chose to use Standard Process for Lori's prenatal vitamin regime 25 years ago since the vitamins are of such high quality. Back then we merely trusted they were the best quality you could find, now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are.

Of course, Lori will be doing the nutritional supplementation consultations in the office but now I have a working knowledge of the products and can suggest specific supplements to her for individual patients as well. For now, I'm just too busy adjusting to get involved with the nutritional side of the practice so, again, I ask that you respect that boundary in the office. I will be glad to speak with you about supplements after hours by email or phone but I want to concentrate on Chiropractic when I'm in the office and Lori knows WAY more than I do at this point.

Having said that, we learned some VERY COOL natural ways of taking care of some very common problems with whole food supplements and herbs. I myself am going to order a 21 day detoxification program from Standard Process. I'm going to do it myself just as a reboot because of it's ability to reduce toxins, reduce inflammation, and provide a nice side effect of weight loss in the process. We were told that the average person loses 9 lbs on this program but some have done much better. It's important to note this is NOT a weight loss program. Weight loss as a result of this one group of supplements called the '21 day purification program' is merely the side effect of eating an extremely clean diet with their 'shakes' and supplements that support several organ systems in the process. Let me know in the office, by telling the front desk receptionist, if you would like a live presentation by Lori and I on the detox/ purification program to explain how and why it works. We might consider doing that one evening if there's enough interest.

How's this for exciting... there are specific and effective protocols we learned using whole food supplements and herbs to support many common conditions that people come into the office with in addition to the subluxations they have. Some of the protocols for supplements even help patients hold an adjustment longer.("Supports" is the lingo you have to use when talking about supplements because of our friends at the FDA, so you can read in between the lines if you deem it appropriate.)

Here are a few examples:

Overall vitamin + mineral deficiencies- Catalyn+ Min-tran

Digestive support-Zypan(I saw this work first hand this weekend- wow)

Immune system support-Congaplex

Blood sugar support-Diaplex

liver support- AF Betafood(Primarily beet juice so eat your raw beets or take this!)

Allergies support- Antronex

Probiotic support- Prosymbiotic+ Zymax(wow, this stuff is well researched!! Intestinal health IS immune system health!!)

Under a lot of stress?? Adrenal support- Drenamin to repair the adrenal glands, Adrenal Dessicated as a first aide short term help. (Feel burnt out or want to strangle someone? Talk to Lori about your adrenal glands!)

How about everyone asking, "How do I hold my adjustments longer?" Well, here's a possible solution: Musculo-skeletal support- Ligaplex2, Fish oil and Boswallia (This is a little different than the Ligaplex1 I've been taking with Glucosomine Synergy for my joints. Ask Lori to explain this a little more if you have any questions.)

We were also taught about supplements that act VERY QUICKLY, like in minutes or hours for constipation, sore throats, raw or irritable stomach, super burned out adrenal glands, female cramping, and allergies.

Can you tell I found the seminar very informative and exciting? The above is only a fraction of what we learned in the seminar.If you want to explore these and other supplements on the Standard Process website, you can do so with your own Patient Direct account! This allows you to purchase the supplements you want directly from the company. We can sign you up for that after a mandatory one on one consult that the company requires.Even the workers at the farm and processing plant have to go through their on staff chiropractor or nutritionist to be able to receive their monthly allowance of whole food supplements. They take this very seriously. The best way to meet with Lori is to fill out the system survey found next to the front desk and turn it in to our receptionist or email it to Lori at


Want to see what we saw and meet the people we met there? Click on the link or the picture below...


If you want to find out more about the 21 day purification program, check this out...


I wanted to give everyone a heads up that as of January we will be having a cost of living increase in our fees. We're going to be charging 30an adjustment for our patients that have been in within the last 30 days to make maintenance care affordable. The fee will return to last year's fee of 40 an adjustment for those that come to the office less than once a month. The Senior fee will be $25 as it was last year. I promise more details will follow in the next two months and the fees will not change until January 1st.


Lastly, I wanted to share great new chiropractic research just published. Even with advances in nutrition, exercise, etc... In the end, the Chiropractic Adjustment is so essential to good health.

Improvement in Alpha Brain Waves, Coordination and Emotional Regulation in a Pediatric Patient with Chiropractic Care Using Network Spinal Analysis
Matthew Mancuso, DC & Janet Cheng, DC CLICK HERE TO READ


Improvement in Cervical Curve, Dysautonomia and Quality of Life in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis using the Pierce Results System: Case Study & Review of the Literature

Eric Jaszewski, D.C. & Connor LaVallie, D.C. CLICK HERE TO READ


Improved Health Outcomes in a Woman Experiencing Chronic Post-Partum Back Pain
Marie Hoying, DC & Joel Alcantara, DC CLICK HERE TO READ


Resolution of Vision Loss in a Teenage Girl Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Study & Review of the Literature
Brendan Saffron D.C. & Brett Murdock D.C. CLICK HERE TO READ


Resolution of Seizures in a 20-year-old Male Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Study & Review of the Literature
Jeremai Hafer, D.C. & Jianina Foltz, D.C. CLICK HERE TO READ


I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter!

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Lori, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay





September 2017 Newsletter and Hours

Posted: August 26, 2017
By: Jay Korsen, DC

September 2017 Newsletter

Important dates to remember:

We will be closed Monday, September 4th for Labor Day.

We will be closed from September 23rd- October 1st to visit the Standard Process farm in the beautiful, tropical state of Wisconsin.  (we'll bring you back an organic soil sample :)

If you like to mark your calendar in advance, I will be gone for conferences in NJ and GA Friday-Saturday October 13-14th, and 20-21st. and to speak in Kansas City on Saturday November 18th.


This month I'd like to address a Chiropractic question that's come up time and time again.  "What's the difference between all the different Chiropractic techniques you use in the office?"  As you may or not know, I employ over a dozen different techniques for the adjustment of a subluxation.  Some of these techniques are done manually (or by hand only), some utilize a "drop piece" built into the table, some are used only on a specific part of the spine like the toggle recoil table which is used only to adjust the first two bones in the spine.  Another technique utilizes the Arthrostim which is the computerized, electrical instrument hanging on the wall in each room,sounds like a woodpecker or jackhammer and 'taps' the vertebra back into alignment.  Other techniques are very very gentle like the SOT or sacral- occipital technique and on and on and on.  

Interestingly enough there was a research study by a Chiropractic research team in New Zealand that explored the benefits of many of the techniques and the effectiveness of each technique for different cases.  The researcher actually made a video of her results and I'd like to share it with you.  Unfortunately, direct access to those videos costs about $1500 a year and I only charge $20 a visit, so I am going to share a link to the video on another Chiropractor's site.  Below the video on the page you link to, you will see that there are 20 or so more videos the researcher made which make her research easy to understand as she explains the results in plain "New Zealand" English.  Check out this link    or click on the picture below which shows the book she recently wrote about Chiropractic as well:


Boy oh boy have I seen an increase in seasonal allergies in the last few weeks.  Is it me or is it hitting our community early this year?  If I had a dollar for every runny or stuffed nose, sinus headache, congestion, scratchy throat, middle ear fluid, asthma and dizziness complaint I heard this week, I would have enough money to give to the food bank to feed Rhode Islanders for the entire year. So, what do we do about these allergies that are presenting in epidemic proportions?  I'm so glad you asked!  It goes back to the basic 5 things I've talked about in the New Patient Orientation to keep ourselves healthy.

#1. I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that a clear connection between the brain and the body free of Vertebral Subluxations is essential to allow the body to function at it's optimal.  After a specific Chiropractic adjustment, people report that their allergies are less severe, they are able to breathe better, their dizziness decreases or goes away, ears feel better, etc...  So, why does that happen? There's lots of great research but don't take my word for it.  Check out this link to a study called: Chiropractic Care of a Pediatric Patient with Asthma, Allergies, Chronic Colds & Vertebral Subluxation .  Here's a link to a list of over 20 research articles about how Chiropractic adjustments improve symptoms of asthma... .  Make no mistake, Chiropractic doesn't "treat" anything including allergies or asthma but the body does function and heal better when in adjustment.

#2. Diet is a nasty word.  I mean look at the first syllable- die!   None the less eating the correct foods is essential to decreasing the effects of seasonal allergies on your body.  Like I said in last month's newsletter, an anti-inflammatory diet is critical for adults and children alike.  As many people already know, Supplementation, as in vitamins and herbs, can really make a huge difference when it comes to seasonal allergies and they are way safer compared to medications.  My wife Lori suffered for years with seasonal allergies.  She is so sensitive to allergens in the air that it was part of the reason we moved from Cincinnati to Rhode Island.  Luckily, Lori has learned how to use whole food supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies to nearly eliminate her seasonal allergies.  If you're interested in learning how that's done, fill out one of the system surveys in the office and drop it off for her to evaluate and she'll set up a free consult with you to discuss it.

Check this out for a better explanation about environmental stresses, allergies and your immune response:  

#3. Exercise is critical to maintaining your health.  You don't need to train for a marathon or lift weights like Arnold schwarzenegger, you just need to move your body on a regular basis.  Try Qi-gong for lower back or Qi-gong for neck and shoulders by Lee Holden.  His videos can be borrowed from the public library or sometimes you can even find them on YouTube for free as well!  I think you'll love it as much as I do as it combines Qi-gong, yoga and palliates in easy and fun routines. Check it out!!

#4. Get your 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  When does the body heal itself?  You know the answer to that... When it's resting!  If you have any questions about what the right positions to sleep in are or how many pillows to use or how to get out of bed correctly, check out the BACK INJURY PREVENTION CLASS for free online at this link: .

#5.  BE POSITIVE!!  Research has shown that Stinkin Thinkin leads to all sorts of diseases!!  And listen, you're not alone if you're feeling blue, depressed, scared or angry BUT THERE IS HELP!  Along with your regular Chiropractic adjustment, and #2-#4 above, I adjust and know personally several AWESOME psychologists in the area that can help you get back to the positive, uplifting, energetic person you know you can be and they can often help you accomplish that WITHOUT drugs.  Should you need medical help, my friend Dr. Alex Scagnelli  can help and if he can't, his helpful staff in Warwick can direct you to the right medical provider for your unique problem.  I trust him implicitly.


I know that was a lot of information and enough links to great videos and research articles to keep you busy for at least a month.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you having put your trust in my office.  Allowing me to take care of your family by detecting and correcting your subluxations is an honor and a responsibility I do not take lightly!  The over 60 new patient referrals we get each month is humbling and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to take care of your friends and family.

I also want to thank you for all the positive feedback about our new venture with the Standard Process vitamins and it's Mediherb line that my wife Lori has been helping you with.  If it were not for the nutritional support I get from the Glucosomine Synergy and the Ligaplex I take for my joints, I couldn't do the physically demanding job I have without pain. At least a dozen patients have reported good results with the same supplements and I'm excited to see if the allergy protocol that Lori has found successful for herself is beneficial to the literally hundreds of you who reported to me last week that they were experiencing the effects of seasonal allergies already.  Although Lori's approach to your health through supplementation and my approach to your health through Chiropractic are different, our goal is the same... helping your body to Heal Better.


In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Lori, Roberta, Kathy and Lindsay

August 2017 Newsletter and Hours

Posted: July 27, 2017
By: Jay Korsen, DC

August 2017 Newsletter

Important dates to remember:

We will be CLOSED on Friday August August 4th and Saturday August 5th


Thank you for all the emails regarding this past Tuesday.  We had to take that day off to check on my son in Boston.  He had a little fender bender.  The Fantastic news is that he was uninjured.  The not so good news was that it was not worth fixing the car so it was totaled.  We thank God for his protection of Ryan and for Uber which is now his means to get to and from work.

When you come to the office, you will notice a large stand-up sign next to the front desk.  It's to promote a new venture we're getting into at the office.  I have been running a little experiment on myself, my wife and several of my patients.  I've been taking two supplements called Ligaplex and Glucosomine Synergy.  Although I've been getting checked and adjusted each week for the last 30+ years, I have had severe joint pain in the  shoulders, knees and other joints due to what I thought was wear and tear.  Chiropractic's purpose is to detect and correct subluxations in the spine so the body can function and heal better but as you know it is not designed to be a pain reliever.   I've been taking these supplements since January and I've had little or no joint pain and that's what the other patients that have tried it reported as well.  I wanted to make sure it wasn't something psychological or just a placebo effect before I suggested it so I waited 8 months to even mention it to you.

The company that makes the supplements is called Standard Process.  My family has been using them since the early 1990's.  They produce whole food supplements. Standard Process was even our choice for pre-natal vitamins that my wife, Lori, took during her two pregnancies because of the purity of the products.  I just never wanted to 'mix' nutrition into our practice but in the face of such overwhelming evidence that these whole food supplements have a dramatic effect on health, we are going to make them available to our patients.  Because of my OCD, Lori and I are going to visit and tour their organic farm in Wisconsin this September to see how they grow the produce and raise the animals that they put in the supplements. This is not a 100% organic line but some of the herbs and veggies they use to make their supplements is indeed organic and grown on their own farm.

Lori is going to be doing most of the consultations and she has been studying these supplements and common homeopathic and herbal remedies as well.  As you may recall, she is the one that put together the homeopathic/  herbal and nutritional protocol that healed my broken ribs in just 10 days.  Nutrition is an ever evolving science so she and I will be learning as we go to help you.  

Everyone that fills out a Systems Survey in the office (found in the box attached to the Standard Process sign) will have their information put into a computer system called Maestro and an individualized report will be generated with nutritional recommendations. Lori will then set up an appointment to meet with you OUTSIDE our normal chiropractic hours.  One thing we will not be doing is stocking any vitamins or supplements in the office. You will get a special code to sign up for a Patient Direct account with Standard Process which will give you the control over which supplements you want to buy and which ones you choose not to buy based on our recommendations.  

I know this is an exciting addition to our practice but I will not discuss the supplements during normal office hours so that I can focus solely on Chiropractic and detecting and correcting subluxations.  I thank you in advance for respecting that boundary.  

Along the lines of nutrition, everyone seems to be very concerned about how to get inflammation down naturally.  Although there are Standard Process supplements and herbs to help with this and they also have a 21 day cleanse, start by adding anti-inflammatory foods and eliminating the inflammatory foods shown in the video below (

OK, I want to add one more video that I thought was a great and captivating explanation of Chiropractic.  I think you'll get a kick out of it and learn a lot about why I love Chiropractic so very much!  (

OK, I think that's enough for this newsletter without going on more about the research that's come out in the last month.  Suffice it to say that if we give science enough time, they will prove everything that I have observed in practice these last 28 years.  Until they do, I'm going to keep bringing my 'A' game while adjusting you because I have learned that there is no plan 'B'.  (thanks for reminding me of that Seth W.)

In Health and Faith,

Dr. Jay, Roberta, Kathy, Lindsay and now, my wife Lori