We love new patients!...

But Dr. Jay's practice is full...

Even though we can't see new patients, I suggest you watch our mandatory orientation videos and call one of the docs below (You'll be glad you did!)


We suggest these other great Chiropractors who have adjusted Dr. Jay:

Dr. Nicole Wheeler-Glover in Richmond

Dr. Stan Dezjot in Westerly

Dr. Herb Curtis in Lincoln

Dr. Jesse Steinberg in East Providence and Wakefield

Dr. Shane Zimmer in Wakefield

Dr. Angela Ciresi in East Greenwich

1.. Download the Mandatory orientation quiz found below (AND the optional orientation quiz if you want the lower first visit fee of $129).
2. Watch the corresponding orientation video, answer the questions on the quiz as you are watching it and bring the quiz(s) with you to the office. Watching the orientation video is Mandatory. If you choose not to watch the video, please choose one of the other great chiropractors in your area.
3. Download the new patient paperwork and fill it out.
4. Call the office for an appointment AFTER completing steps 1-3

Mandatory Video:

If you liked the above    video but have more questions, Please watch the video below for more information and a lower first visit fee!

Optional Video:

For a first visit fee of  $59, download and complete this  MANDATORY QUIZ... 
See below for another offer after watching this video

For a first visit fee of  $39, watch this video, download and complete This Quiz too....