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Can Chiropractic Affect Someone In A Coma? --Yes!

By: Mary Connor

Stephen who is 10 years of age was seen by a doctor and prescribed to take 900 miligrams of Lithium per day due to a diagnosis of ADDHD and LD. Dr. Korsen and I had talked about the diagnosis at an earlier date. At that time I had a fear of the large dosage he had been prescribed to take and called Dr. Korsen to see if they could see him right away. He was more cooperative than you would expect of most doctors. He then explained to my husband and I Just how Stephen may or may not react to the adjustment. We felt there was no place else to turn and requested that he go ahead with the adjustment. The hyperactiveness slowed clown considerably. When I told the doctor who had prescribed the medication, he made a childish remark and said that he felt the medication was now taking effect and that is why he was not as hyper. About two months later a lady pulley up in front of our home and said our son was having a .seizure, He had the seizure on the way to school. Needless to say he did not make it to school that day or the next eight days following that. He was, in a coma. When Dr. Korsen found out what had happened he asked that we keep him up to date on the findings of all test results. He also would call just to let the family know that if he could be of any assistance he was there for us. 'When the test results came back all negative and we informed Dr. Korsen, he asked if we cared if he come to the hospital. During this time he had called professionals he knew and explained the situation. They had gave their opinion of what they felt should be done. Stephen had been in a coma for 36 hours and was beginning to have another seizure when Dr. Korsen arrived. Dr. Korsen then adjusted him and we are very happy to say that today Stephen is now getting his regular adjustments and says when he gets older he wants to be a chiropractor. If the family had not made the decision for a chiropractor to visit Stephen's' room he may have very well still been hospitalized and still in a coma. If anyone reading this has any questions concerning Stephen's case I give permission for Dr. Korsen to discuss the findings concerning this matter. You can be assured that now the whole family believes in chiropractic over medical.

-Mary Conner